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Origins of the Spices

Archita India Private Limited has been into the blended spices business for more than 25 years and over the years we have gained excellence in this field with more than 300 distributors in various parts of Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Bihar. We believe in purity of spices thus we have the countries best vendors to source the raw materials for the best results at the best price.

Why choose us

Why we are the best

Sourced From Best Farms

Archita Spices are sourced from the prime spice growing locations to ensure the highest quality

Packed Hygienically

Archita spices are packed using state of the art equipment ensuring minimal human contact


Low Temperature Grinding. LTG ensures better retention of natural oils & flavours in the spice

About us

For us at RAVIKA, ‘spice’ is more than just a word.
It’s an emotion that revives exquisite feasts & aromas, festive recipes and tempting garnishes.
Being a pioneer in spices, quality is of the utmost essence at RAVIKA Masale. It’s our passion to enrich lives with our spices and complement culinary memories. RAVIKA is India’s No.1 spice brand that is driven to season your precious moments with your families & deliver great taste!….

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Plain Spices

Pure spices play an integral part in Indian cuisine irrespective of the zone, state, community or the cooking method and hence occupies a very special place of honor. We, at Archita, believe in offering spices that are rich & authentic. And nothing more speaks of this belief than our range of Pure Spices.

Blended Spices

Nothing can beat the delicious taste of traditional Indian spice blends! Archita‘s range of blended spices are hand-crafted & the ingredients are sourced from India’s renowned spice lands, ensuring the taste, aroma, flavour & color remain uncompromised.

other products

Archita Masale feels pleased to usher you into the world of pure spices. A world that consists of an eclectic mix of traditional Indian flavours and harmonious health. We make every effort to ensure that it is only the perfect quality that reaches countless Indian homes. Explore the other Archita spices that refers to purity that stays and spreads flavour into your Indian dishes.  Add a fresh & premium quality Archita Masala to your bland food for an authentic flavor, taste, and aroma that will entice your loved one to eat more!

Our taste is our Legacy

Raw materials are picked from the handpicked and best providers of the country for spices

We work on continuous improvement of quality keeping in mind the customers demands and expectations.

The spices are finely grounded to give a homely taste to each of our customers.

We have a fully automated system for packaging to ensure the products are in good condition till consumed.

Currently working with more than 200 distributors in 25 cities to reach a close to million customers.

what our customer says

Deepika Chef at Foodpaco

As a housewife, I always try to add some special taste to my food. I've tried a lot of masalas before but haven't got a delicacy spice like Archita masale. You must also try their variety of masalas.

Deepak Kumar Food Bloger

If you want a fresh and pure masala that makes your non-veg food taste better, then trying Archita Meat Curry Masala would be the best way to make your food delicious. Taste of meat masala will make you eat more

Salini Singh Chef at Macofoods

Turmeric is good for your heart and can help you prevent Alzheimer's disease. And for that, Archita Turmeric powder, which is pure and contains no added food colours, would be a good choice for you.

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