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Arpan Fragrances was established in 1994 with their founders Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta ( Manageing Director) and Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta ( Director). Started from small town of Uttar Pradesh and further expanded our markets to the northern belt of country (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Begal, Jharkhand, Assam)  catering to the demands of the consumers under the brand name of "ARCHITA". Arpan offers a wide variety of original spice blends for giving a exquisite flavor to different food preparations.The original spice blends prepared by us are indeed very unique and are made from purest of  ingredients and are free from any artificial flavors in order to give the taste buds the more authentic and rich taste of food prepared .   

FASSAI accredation : All our products are accredited with  FASSAI to meet the customers expectations.                                    


Sales and marketing 

Arpan  Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. has a in house sales and marketing network backed by a large team of more than 450 Distributors & approximately 42,000 Retailers, who sell the company's brand of products in different parts of Northen India. The company is known for the quality of its' good services through their skilled sales & marketing staff, which is company's biggest asset in its' operations. The company's manufacturing facility it with state-of-the-art equipment, provides it greater efficiencies, and room for future growth.
We provide advertising support through News paper ads, Radio Spots, P.O.P for visibility. Banners. Stickers, Hoardings, Wall Paintings etc. and outdoor publicity. for our reputed Dealers. Social media is the buzz of the hour and Arpan fragrances has its presence on Facebook and Twitter to give the customers an experience of having direct interactions


Main Brands

The company has established a good presence in the market with strong selling brands in the fragrances segment of Agarbattis with "ARCHITA" brand of Incense Sticks. The spices segment is also well established with "ARCHITA" brand of Spices, and the "CHATPATA" brand of pickles in the FMCG segment.

The company's good track record and healthy marketing practice have given it a position of respect and the company now enjoys membership of reputed organizations.



Packaging of our products has been designed by well known advertising companies like Hindustan Thompson Associate (HTA) and Break Through.



Customisation (For Incense sticks)

Packaging of our products has been designed by well known advertising companies like Hindustan Thompson Associate (HTA) and Break Through.


Machines & Technologies

Latest machines & Technologies are used for cleaning of  whole spices before feeding them to the grinding chain. We believe in standardized products thus automation to fit

in the industry standards.


Delivery Time

With in 15 days after receiving confirmed order any where in India and 8 to 10 week after order confirmation in Overseas Markets.


Member of EPCH




The company's motto and philosophy centre around the customer and stress on providing the best products at the most reasonable prices. And this has been the guiding principle behind its' business operations since the last one and half decade long journey. The company has a very straight forward philosophy, and that's why it is reflected very clearly in the mission of the company which aims to reach very high levels of credibility in terms of product quality and best pricing for all its products in the consumer market.

Continuing in the same vein, the company envisions to expand its' area of operations to other parts of India, by establishing a well connected distribution network of Dealers and Retailers to spread the reach of its products to a larger section of consumers. ARPAN also aims at capturing the mass consumers by catering to a large number of Restaurants and Hotels. The company is striving hard to maintain very high levels of quality in its' products by using only the best of ingredients to meet the high standards required in the food business.


The company is dedicated to consistent quality, reliable service & achieving highest level of customer satisfaction, our qualified Quality Assurance department is dedicated to maintain high standards of manufacturing practices to satisfy its' customer.


Work Culture

The company is committed to the following as it strives to achieve its vision for ARPAN and to maintain the philosophy that the company stands for…
  • Remain Client-Centric and focus on the interests of customers.
  • Grow with teamwork, like a big family.
  • Make a positive contribution to the community and nation that we live in.
  • Work with dedication and maintain a fine balance between profits & business ethics.
  • Maintain high levels of Integrity and bring excellence in our operations.

The present business scenario reflects a positive picture for the company in the times to come ahead. The company's main products have established a good presence in the regional market and now the company is taking the next step of expanding its' operations


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