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Aloo Tikka Recipe

Tandoori aloo or aloo tikka is one of our favorite starter dish which we order often in restaurants. The recipe posted here shares both the Oven grilling as well Pan frying methods for cooking the potatoes. Below picture is of the pan fried aloo tikka.

The recipe is spicy. So if you cannot tolerate spicy food, then reduce the amount of Kashmiri red chilli powder in the marination.

Tandoori aloo goes very well as starter snack. You can also wrap them in chapati rolls and serve as a wrap.

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aloo tikka recipe


Aloo tikka recipe made on tawa.Tandoori aloo tikka or potato tikka is one of the popular starters in restaurants.I have tasted this in a buffet menu and it is a good alternate to the usual paneer tikka.

You can make tikka either in oven or in tawa .Though oven gives that perfect tandoor smokey flavour the tawa version is no less.I often make this potato tikka on tawa during weekends to serve with chapathi and gravy.I have used small or baby potatoes here but you can use regular potatoes too, check my notes.