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Rajma masala is a healthy and delicious red kidney beans curry from the Punjabi Cuisine. Basically, it is a mildly spiced, creamy thick gravy with onion tomato base in which soaked and cooked rajma (kidney beans) are simmered with basic Indian spices. Rajma masala can be served for lunch or dinner with any flat bread like chapati or naan but tastes best when paired with steamed rice. Rajma chawal is a soulful meal not only in North Indian households but can be found served as street food and in road side dhabas there. Here is a vegan and gluten-free recipe of simple yet flavorful rajma masala from my kitchen.

To make Rajma Masala, raw red kidney beans are soaked and then pressure cooked until soft. This cooked rajma is further simmered in a spicy onion tomato gravy to give an utterly delicious rajma masala curry. The recipe is very simple to follow. Only care to be taken is to cook the rajma really well. For that, the kidney beans have to be soaked overnight or at least for 8-9 hours. Canned kidney beans may also be used instead. On pressure cooking, you should be able to mash the rajma between your thumb and index finger. Both whole spices and the ground spice powders add to the aroma and flavor of this Rajma masala. I have not added any cream to the dish. You may add to get that Restaurant style creamy texture to your curry. Both chopped tomatoes and blanched tomato puree are added in this recipe. The onion tomato base has to be sauteed really well to get rid of the raw taste of onion and garlic. This curry can be made in either ghee or oil. I have used sunflower oil, you may use mustard oil for that typical Punjabi taste if you wish. I have used red kidney beans/ kashmiri rajma t make this Rajma masala as the beans retain the red color and hold their shape well after cooking and take up the flavors of the masala very well.

I have been surrounded by North Indians for the most part of my married life and this can be easily seen by the number of North Indian dishes, especially the Punajbi dishes on my blog. Even my son has a special liking for this food. He prefers taking different types of parathas laced with butter in his lunch box and has a spark in his eyes when I cook rajma, chole or Kadhi Pakora for lunch. Punjabi people are jolly and kind at heart and believe in living life to the fullest. This is clearly reflected in their lavish weddings and off course their calorie-rich food laced with ghee and butter. 
Punjab is one of the most fertile regions in India due to the presence of abundant water sources and fertile soils. It is rightly called as the Granary of India or India’s Bread-Basket as it produces 19.5 % of India’s wheat. Located in the Northern part of India, it is bordered by the Indian states Jammu Kashmir to the North, Himachal Pradesh to the East, Haryana to the South and the Pakistani Province of Punjab to the West. The five tributary rivers of the Indus River from which the region took its name are Sutlej, Ravi, Beas, Chenab and Jhelum Rivers.
Punjabi Cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct and local ways of cooking. Tandoori cooking is one such form which is not only famous in other parts of India but also many parts of the world. As Punjab is a major producer of wheat, rice, and dairy products, these products form the staple diet of the Punjabi people. Punjabi Cuisine is distinctively known for its rich, buttery flavors along with the extensive vegetarian and meat dishes. 

Kala Chana Recipes​

This one-pot Kala Chana recipe is a delicious dish that is sure to impress the whole family on even the busiest of weeknights. With just 30 minutes of active time, this easy black chickpea curry will be on the table and ready for a fuss-free dinner. Learn how to make this traditional Punjabi dish with my easy to follow recipe, step-by-step photos and video!

What Is Kala Chana?

In Hindi, kala means “black,” and chana means “chickpea,” so kala chana translates to “black chickpea.” While this name is a bit of a misnomer – the chickpea skin is actually brown or reddish brown, not black – the name refers to a particular variety of garbanzo bean used in this dish.

Also known as the Indian Black Chickpea, Bengal Gram or Desi Chickpea, kala chana is a variety that is native to the Indian subcontinent (desi means “native” or “country”) and has tougher skin and a darker appearance than other light skinned chana that you may be familiar with.

Black chickpeas are a rich source of plant based protein, making them an excellent ingredient for growing kids, active sports players or people who need a big dose of energy.

NOTE: Due to their high fiber content, black chickpeas need to be cooked thoroughly. Some people may find it difficult to digest these, but I find that the Ayurvedic tradition of including spices-herbs like ginger, cumin, asafetida aids in their digestion.

Kala Chana Curry, then, is a delicious chickpea based curry in a gravy made from simple ingredients. Black chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, garlic and spices make up the bulk of this tasty Punjabi dish.

If you are a fan of black chickpeas, then you should also try this spicy Kadala Kari from the Kerala cuisine and Ghugni from the Bihari cuisine.

Why This Recipe Works

This yummy family recipe came to me from my mother-in-law. Her recipes are always simple, easy and delectable. This kala chana curry is no exception, requiring just one pot and 30 minutes of active time to make.

I am particularly fond of the consistency of this kala chana gravy. Because it is so flavorful it can be enjoyed by itself like a soup, or be paired with steamed rice or roti for a more filling meal.

This kala chana recipe can also be adjusted to your taste preferences. We like our curries to be at least moderately spicy, but if you prefer a more mild dish, simply pull back on how much chili you add to the gravy.

While we always use dried chana to make curries (which requires that they soak overnight), you can opt to use canned chickpeas instead if you are short on time. Just note that dried beans will always be less expensive than canned.

Aloo Tikka Recipe

Tandoori aloo or aloo tikka is one of our favorite starter dish which we order often in restaurants. The recipe posted here shares both the Oven grilling as well Pan frying methods for cooking the potatoes. Below picture is of the pan fried aloo tikka.

The recipe is spicy. So if you cannot tolerate spicy food, then reduce the amount of Kashmiri red chilli powder in the marination.

Tandoori aloo goes very well as starter snack. You can also wrap them in chapati rolls and serve as a wrap.

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aloo tikka recipe


Aloo tikka recipe made on tawa.Tandoori aloo tikka or potato tikka is one of the popular starters in restaurants.I have tasted this in a buffet menu and it is a good alternate to the usual paneer tikka.

You can make tikka either in oven or in tawa .Though oven gives that perfect tandoor smokey flavour the tawa version is no less.I often make this potato tikka on tawa during weekends to serve with chapathi and gravy.I have used small or baby potatoes here but you can use regular potatoes too, check my notes.